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My 2019 Goals....
I'm starting to plot my 2019 goals. They include a mix of personal, professional and content creation - of course.  I've "white boarded" them on the wall of my studio so I constantly see them.  I've included completion dates for when these goals will be accomplished. (Recommendation by Michael Hyatt)  

Some of them are lofty; others are already in motion.
I'm curious, what are you considering for 2019?  Does it include goals where you will need to apply your most creative self?   

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is I am much more of a "creative" person then I ever thought growing up. 

I thought creativity meant you could draw or to play an instrument.  I've learned while launching blogs, podcasts and online businesses that creativity comes in many forms and it can be learned and worked like a muscle and used for profit. 

Just like being physically fit for a sport.  Working your creativity muscle will elevate yourself into a position of leverage because your creativity is highly valuable in the information age. In fact, you might be surprised just how valuable it is.

Let's explore how you can leverage your creativity at the inaugural Creative Year Ever Workshop on Thursday, December 13.  We're going to work on your plan for how you can make 2019 your most creative year ever and celebrate #CYE19.

Join us "creatives" on December 13 at NextDoor Chicago: 
The world is on “information overload” and it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed at any given moment. Start the year off right with the inaugural Creative Year Ever™ Workshop! Designed to inspire, educate 

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