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Creative Year Ever! Workshop
Just Announced:  New Creative Year Ever! Workshop
Thursday, December 13, 2019
6:30PM to 8PM
Next Door Chicago - 659 W. Diversey Parkway, Chicago

The world is on “information overload” and it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed at any given moment. Start the year off right with the inaugural Creative Year Ever™ Workshop! Designed to inspire, educate and activate creative entrepreneurs and web marketers this event is a time to reflect and prepare for a better New Year! 

Join Scott Winterroth and friends for an uplifting and educational workshop aimed at building a roadmap, answering tough questions and finding like-minded accountability partners so collectively we will make 2019 our most creative year ever.
Creative Year Ever Workshop
Download the Creative Year Ever Workbook and prepare yourself for rocking out the entire year!

Posts of the week
Posts of the Week include share-worthy news related to content strategy. Do you have something you want us to share? Email it to hello@contentacademy.com. 
This episode focuses on the role content plays to build your business. I outline seven key qualities for creating Instagram posts that stand out among the crowd. You’ll then hear how The Keto Blog business owner, Jeanine Escobar, has built her keto coaching business by creating content that reaches new audiences, gains new customers and keeps her current customers engaged to be repeat customers. Key quote from Jeanine, “Today’s content is tomorrow’s business.”

When I was entering the front end developer ranks, no one talked to me about accessibility. I didn’t know you could break the law by having an inaccessible website, until one day a university client…

#VisualMarketing 101: Get More Traffic & Eyeballs on Your Brand. Here you'll find top visual marketing tips to get more #website traffic and eyeballs to your website and visual social media posts. http://bit.ly/2SAvxJz via @Liz_Azyan #visualbranding
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Go You!
Behind every strategy is a person, Go You! focuses on content that includes tips,  tactics and research for being awesome at your job. 

Wrestling with a tough choice? A decision matrix is an easy way to get a handle on how your choices stack up—using criteria that matters to you.

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